Tone Up With a Do Anywhere Full Body Workout

To end the month on a good note, I’m sharing a different style of workouts. If you missed the other two workouts I shared, feel free to go back and incorporate them this week. You can find the tabata workout here and the abs workout here. This week we have an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible). I honestly do not favor AMRAP workouts but that’s why I do them. You’re not pushing yourself hard enough if you’re comfortable, right? RIGHT! For me it’s more of a control thing where I want to control how quick I can get through something. With AMRAPs you are locked in to the full time of the workout, so you have to pace yourself accordingly. This one seems easy and you’ll want to move fast but remember to pace yourself. It gets spicy.

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Do Anywhere Abs

Hey, fam! Last week, I introduced that I would be sharing some of my programming with you this month. If you missed the tabata circuit, please go check it out here. Today I’m sharing a quick ab routine you can do anywhere. Honestly, I’m not a fan of crunches because I don’t think they’re effective. You’re limited in range of motion and oftentimes absentmindedly do the movement. When doing core exercises you have to mindfully engage the muscle to get the most out of the movement.

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Free Workout Classes in Dallas

Last month I decided to try a few classes that are outside my normal routine. I was feeling bleh and wasn’t going to be able to attend my gym enough to be worth the cost. So, I decided to fill my month with free opportunities. I think sometimes we just need to shake our body up and give it something different. I love to encourage people to find what works for them and what best way than to try free classes. Keep reading for a short recap of what I tried. I encourage you to try these since they’re all free, except for one.

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The Best Things I've Learned On My Fitness Journey

I grew up with two older brothers who are pretty health conscious (even if they eat like gluttons sometimes). My oldest brother played baseball growing up and my other brother ran cross country. So, luckily I’ve always been exposed to health and fitness in some sort of fashion. I played volleyball in middle school and high school. Does anyone remember freshman year volleyball practice where the coach tries to weed out all the people who signed up? I do!

Then, through college I would occasionally go for short runs and do at home workouts. I was skinny and could eat jack n the box while maintaining 105 lbs. Needless to say, I was lazy AF in the big scheme of things.

After entering the workforce I actually gained weight! Christine, if you’re reading this, remember how shook I was when I had to buy jeans two sizes bigger. Hahah I’m ridiculous.

Anyway, I still ran occasionally but started to feel sedentary - because I was. My brother invited me to crossfit one Christmas and a few months later I joined! The rest is history.

Through my fitness journey I’ve learned a few things. Some are basic knowledge others you learn with time. Click to find out.

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