Workouts You Should Try - 2 Week Fitness Diary

I’ve always wanted defined abs. Like @karinaelle @lolojones and @jlo.

I guess I could have the abs if I was dedicated but let’s be real, I LOVE FOOD. I mean my insta stories are practically food adventures. Not sorry.

At one point, I started on the grilled chicken and veggies train but fell off quickly. Respect to people who eat that on the daily but life's too short. What I do now is eat healthy most of the time but still indulge on my fave things like sweets and pizza. In order to maintain a semi-decent tummy, I do high intensity workouts.


Five years ago this month, I started Crossfit and have never turned back. (Shout out to my brother for inviting me!) Crossfit really transformed my body. I’ve always been skinny but I used to be like stick skinny. Self conscious skinny. Be nice to skinny people. Anyway, I found that Crossfit made me really hungry and I ate a lot, which means I gained weight. Finally, I was building muscle and feeling more "woman" shaped. 


I decided to do a two week workout diary and share it with you all. My hope is that you will see that a. the workouts can be scaled to not be scary and b. while I like to workout I'm normal and don't go to the gym that much. I think prescribed is like 5-6 days a week. Oops. And, so we are transparent with each other, I didn't choose perfect weeks. I actually chose to track the weeks from the moment this content idea came to mind. 


I hope you all are encouraged to live a well balanced life. Eat what you like but get in the gym and kill it. Let me know what classes you enjoy taking the most. Also, if you take one of these workouts, let me know how you did/liked it.


4/2 - Monday
Monster Mash Monday - It's always a ridiculous workout to get us ready for the week. At least, I think that's the goal.

For time: 40 min cap

9-15-21 (do 9 of both exercises before moving on to 15 and then 21...make sense?)
Strict Knees to Elbow

Rest 2 minutes

2 rounds
50 air squats with band (I did them with a band but you don't have to)
25 pull ups - green band
15 push jerks - 65 lbs (This is an olympic lift so you could sub for a push press)

Rest 3 minutes

3 rounds
21 cal row
15 hand release push ups
3 wall walks

4/3 - Tuesday
EOMOM (every other minute on the minute)
5 bench press - 80 lbs

3 rounds
20 Kettlebell Swings - 35 lbs
25 GHD Sit-ups
400m run

4/4 - Wednesday
3 mile run - 30 mins

4/6 - Friday
10 minutes on the step climber
3 sets of 20 walking lunges with 25 lb dumbbells
3 sets of 20 step lunges with 25 lb dumbbells
4 sets of glute bridges with 18 lb bar
3 sets of 20 leg lifts for abs

4/9 - Monday
Monster Mash Monday
15 min to find 3 rep max Deadlift - I think I did 165

For time: 30 min cap
1 mile run PR pace - 7:36 (my fastest since HS)

50 burpees
1K row
50 wall balls 14 lbs
1K row

4/10- Tuesday
10 min cap
50 box jump overs
50 dumbell clean & jerk (alt arms every 5 reps) 20 lbs
25 chest to bar pull-ups

4/12 - Thursday
Barbell Club - I didn't write it down but we did the movements below at different weights. 
Pause Jerks
Push Press
KettleBell Strict Press
Bent Over Row


Outfit Details

Sports Bra - Similar Reebok - $20

Pants - Lululemon Wunder Under - $98