A Day in San Miguel de Allende

Tucked away in the state of Guanajuato is the cute town of San Miguel de Allende. My first trip to San Miguel was earlier this year and I instantly fell in love. My parents are two hours away, so we went for a day trip while I was there in November. This city reminds me of Salvatierra, the city by my parents’ home, but a little more colonial. It’s definitely more modern and Americanized. That can be good or bad, but I’ll let you make your own decision after you visit.


No matter how you get into the city, you’ll arrive at the Parroquia de San Miguel Arcangel because it’s in the center with the jardin. The first time I saw the church I was awestruck. It’s beautiful. I’ve actually never been inside because I’m never in town long enough. I’m the worst.

I highly recommend you walk around and explore the city by foot. We covered the entire main city by foot in one day. You’ll come across “street food” that’s really just the term used for what I call traditional Mexican food. There is also a Mercado with amazing tortas, tacos, pozole - you name it! Ask where the Mercado de Artesenias is and the food will be right by it.

As you walk around you’ll run into street vendors with different knick knacks, like these flower crowns. They’re super cute and hand-made. Where are all my hippies? If you like ice cream, you can’t leave without having some from one of the vendors. It’s homemade and completely different to what we have in the states. It’s not as heavy and not terribly creamy.


Funny story, my Dad said he wasn’t hungry when we arrived but as soon as he saw the nopales I could tell he wanted some. I immediately got on his case and told him we were tourists and were going to eat at a restaurant. How dare I. Anyway, I didn’t let him eat because I wanted to go back to La Posadita. It’s a restaurant behind the church with a roof top and beautiful view of the city. It doesn’t hurt that the food and drinks are delicious.

We were supposed to go on a tour but the guides screwed us and oversold it. Therefore, I can’t even recommend it. My only other option was to drink more margaritas. I really should do a margarita tour. Making a mental note. We took a stroll and ended up at Casa No Name. It’s actually a hotel but they have a great bar upstairs. It’s a hidden gem and very cozy.

san miguel de allende overlook.jpg

On our way out, Angel, our tour guide/family friend, took us to an overlook. I’m not quite sure how to find it but it’s a great picture opportunity. If you’re ever in need of a tour guide or driver, I can connect you.


This city has my heart. I hope this encourages you to explore Mexico for more than its beaches. What’s your favorite city in Mexico? I’d love to add to my list.