Birthday Style Goals

Where has the time gone? I woke up and somehow I’m 29. Aside from not being able to stay up as late, I feel the best I’ve ever felt. For my 29th birthday, I decided to make some style goals. You know, because every girl boss has to have style goals too.


If you notice, I’m almost always wearing solids. I tend to stay away from patterns because I feel like you can only wear the piece once or twice. However, one of my goals is to wear more pattern. It’s tricky to mix and match clothes with patterns to make them new again, but I’m going to try. The first stab at this goal is the dress you’ll see throughout this post. From the silhouette to the detail, everything about this dress is girly. One trick, or trend I’m noticing, is that I gravitate towards pattern that has some neutrals in it. The floral on this dress is laid on a nude material, so it makes it easier for me to feel me. The floral is not overwhelming either—it’s not bright and obnoxious.

To go hand in hand with wearing more pattern, I also want to try and wear more color. Again, you’ll notice I wear neutrals A LOT. Olive, white, grey, black and the occasional pink family—those are my colors.I kind of start to feel boring, but at the same time, you can’t really tell when I’m rewearing a piece. I need to add a little pizazz to stand out a little more. Am I right?

Anytime I wear heels, I feel empowered. I’m ready to take on the day and get stuff done. Now that it’s getting warmer outside, I’m starting to build on my shoe collection by adding more heels.The only thing is...heels hurt after a while. I actually want to try to wear heels more often of all different heights. I am really loving the great selection by Sam Edelman lately. The shoes I paired with the dress happen to be 4” but it’s a block heel, so they’re easy to walk in. I was able to walk on gravel without busting my butt. I love the camel color because it’s one of those that can be dressed up or down.

Lastly, I need to learn to accessorize more. Whether it’s jewelry, a handbag or a cute jacket, accessories really take outfits to the next level. The best part about accessories is that you don’t need much to elevate your outfit. I’m going to look for a couple light jackets/vests and cute necklaces as a first step. This way, I can still wear my basic neutrals but add some umph while staying within budget.

What are some style goals you’ve set for yourself? How have you been able to achieve those and stay consistent?