Clean Beauty: Nuria Skincare Review

*Per FTC, I’m required to tell you this product was gifted but these are my own thoughts and opinions.

I’ve been trying a new nightly skin care routine for a little over a month and can finally share an in-depth review. My day routine can be found here. In the past I haven’t really worried much about differentiating my morning-to-night routine, however, as I get older I’m trying to be more conscientious about my skin. I know that at this stage in life my skin will begin to have different needs. Because of that I was super excited to give Nuria a try. Not only are they a clean brand but they’re especially geared towards transition skin.


Hydrate Refreshing Micellar Water ($26): This micellar water has saved my skin on some exhausting nights. You know the nights where you just don’t want to go through the million steps? Yeah! On a normal night, I use this water to remove all of my makeup prior to cleansing. It takes it all off! The aloe leaf juice is hydrating while the chamomile helps calm the skin. The safe leaf oil helps combat free radicals, which are a contributor to signs of skin aging.

Defend Purifying Cleanser ($26): This cleanser will be on rotation with my other two from now on. This cleanser has moringa seed, which is rich in Vitamin C and helps remove damaging free radicals. The cleanser turns into this layer of bubbles that lifts all the gunk away. This is not to be confused with foam. It starts as a cleanser and while you cleanse it begins to transform. After massaging my face, I like to let it sit for a few seconds and then I wash it off. My skin feels super clean and supple afterwards.

Defend Triple Action Eye Cream ($40): I’m always on the hunt for a better eye cream that is at a wallet friendly price. This is it. Look no more! It has three action packed ingredients mulberry, cucumber, and ginseng. Mulberry brightens and evens out skin tone. Cucumber helps with puffiness. Ginseng helps fight the appearance of wrinkles but also helps balance oil on the skin making it great for the under eye. I hate when creams are too oily and never sink in. This one is the perfect consistency and moisturizes while soaking into the skin. I love massaging the cream with the smooth tip. If you’ve read other posts you know I’m self conscious about my under eye and this cream has given me the confidence to go without concealer.

Defend Overnight Recovery Cream ($48): I wake up glowing every day. After I put this on my skin it almost feels like it tingles in a good refreshing way. I believe the seaweed helps with the glow because it naturally exfoliates to get rid of dead skin cells. The brown algea helps skin retain moisture amongst other things. This ingredient seems to be a super ingredient go read about it. The cream is somewhere in between a rich gel and cream consistency. I love how it makes me feel like I’m slathering a super moisturizing cream without the greasy feel.


Aside from being a great product, Nuria contributes a portion of all sales to girls education. I love that the company is dedicated to making sure girls all over get closer to having the same opportunity of education.