Have You Heard of Tabata?

This month I’m bringing you a few workouts you can do at home with little to no equipment. I love creating quick workouts that motivate me into a healthy fitness routine. And, what better way to start the year than with sharing my programming with you! The workouts will be designed for all fitness levels as long as you pace yourself accordingly. This means if you are a beginner you’ll want to go steady and research the movements before doing them (feel free to message me and I can help). If you’re advanced, it’s all about the speed and you’ll want to move fast.


At the end of every post you’ll have the opportunity to get a one-sheet emailed directly to you. You’ll want to save this on your phone and have it handy as you prepare to workout.

I’m kicking off with a tabata workout. What the heck is tabata? It’s a form of high intensity interval training that consists of eight rounds of 20-seconds on, 10 seconds rest. This post is an introduction to 4 minutes of hell but if you’d like more specific information Refinery29 links studies for you to read.

So, say hello to your new favorite style of working out! Seriously one of my faves. I still remember the first time I did this at crossfit and how I thought this 20-seconds on thing would do nothing for me. Wrong. Tabata will have you burning and breaking a sweat before you know it. Tabata is perfect for in-home training, outdoors, or even the hotel room. Literally you can do this anywhere and that’s why I love this style of workout. No excuse to not get your blood flowing.

So here’s what you need for this workout:

  • Your body

  • Tabata timer

  • Positive attitude

That’s it! Easy enough, right? Head over to the app store and download a tabata timer of your choice. I highly recommend this type of timer because it will alert you when to rest rather than you checking the timer on your phone. Other than the timer, you’re all set to start your session.

I am so excited to be sharing this workout with you! Be sure to send me a snap, IG story, or picture of you working out. I can’t wait to walk through your fitness journey with you this year.