Let's get candid...

I’ve been contemplating this day for quite some time. I threw the idea around last summer and never followed through. The drive to put my blog together randomly hit me full force at the beginning of the year. I hate to fall into cliche categories, but I guess the new year is one of those times when you’re like, “Okay, what’s next?” I reflected on my life and questioned whether I could be a positive role model for others. So, here I am. Hopefully sharing my everyday life and/or musings will help inspire you.

Over the years, I’ve gone through a few self-discoveries and have learned a few things. These are five things I try to live by:

Family is always first. This is probably a given to most people but the older I get the more this rings true. Friends come and go. At the end of a rough day who are you going to call that’s actually going to care? Probably your mom. Enjoy the little moments even if it means you’re sitting in silence. Ask your parents questions about their childhood, their dreams, and what they’ve learned in life. Make the effort to visit your parents and build a meaningful relationship with them.

Get out of your comfort zone. If you find yourself bored, stagnant or unhappy, it’s probably because you’re comfortable. Too many times people get into the groove of their routines and forget how good it is for the soul to go on a mini self-discovery adventure. A few years back, I took the ultimate challenge and really got out of my comfort zone — I moved to Boston. I visited in March and by August I moved to a city full of strangers. I didn’t know one person! I literally met my roommate the day I arrived. While it wasn’t easy, it was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. Hands down my life and who I am is better for it. I encourage you to take a new class, join a random meetup group, OR move cross-country! Take a risk and as my boyfriend likes to say “embrace the suck.”

You can make your own rules. Who even makes social/life rules? Social constructs kind of annoy me. Society says your boyfriend has to pay all the time, but you don’t agree — go dutch! You’re a woman, the mother and breadwinner —go you!! Bell bottoms are out but you like them — wear them! Any of y’all with me? So, whether it’s your style or your relationship — be your own boss. Who cares what people say/think?

Splurge on skincare products - especially those that go on your face. Seriously, if you want to stay looking young, you’re going to have to spend a little more than you want to. I know it’s just “lotion” but it makes all the difference! I used to get so annoyed when people would be like “OMG, you’re 20 whatever? You look like you’re 15.” I was nearly insulted.  It’s probably because looking young sometimes has the negative connotation of being immature. As I near 30, *insert shocked face* I am so thankful for good genes and for spending a little more than I wanted to on face products. Even when I was a broke college student, I found a way to budget for my makeup and creams. Find something with quality ingredients in a doable price range and take care of your skin. You’ll thank yourself later.

Invest in your health. Again, you’ll thank yourself later. Yes, we’re trying to stay out of the doctor’s office. Those bills are no joke! There are tons of group classes offered out there — CrossFit, pilates, cycle, barre, ClassPass. If you prefer the solo route, look up an online program or get a personal trainer. Figure out your fitness style and make it routine. Working out isn’t the end all be all, you actually have to eat better! Imagine that. This doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself but making small changes, such as cutting fast food from 3x week to 1x will make a difference. Experiment with different seasonings and cooking styles so that you can eat more colorful food. You’ll actually notice your body is more energized and lightweight. I don’t know about you but I feel heavy after I eat fast food.

Do you have any life principles you try to live by? Share your nuggets of wisdom with me :)