How To Shop On A Budget

I’ve been feeling a little uninspired. I think it stems from not knowing what to focus on here. I get so much great feedback and suggestions but don’t know how to execute. Do I have to have pics for every post? I’m not a fashion blogger but I still like cute clothes. I’m not a fitness snob but I’m still knowledgeable - I’d like to say sometimes more than certified personal trainers. That’s a story for a different day. I’m definitely a foodie but don’t want to write restaurant reviews or create recipes. Ahhh what’s a girl to do?

Anyway, today I wanted to share how I find cute clothes/shoes for the low low. LOL. I’ve wanted to share this for some time because I feel like I keep tagging expensive brands on my posts. And, I don’t want people to be fooled into thinking I have money like that. I don’t.

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