Hair Secret: Oribe Brilliance and Shine

Have you ever been in a situation where you reach the register only to find out the product you thought was reasonably priced is expensive? Then, you feel awkward not buying so you go ahead and buy it. #stickershock Yeah, that happened to me.

I’ve been getting my hair done by Ashley at Revel Workshop for a little over a year. Ashley takes really good care of me and understands me even when I say few words. Prior to seeing her, I swore I wouldn’t color my hair until I saw a grey hair. I didn’t want to spend tons of money getting my hair done and maintaining it. Maintaining bleached hair is a true art form﹘especially if you’re brunette going blondeish. Anyway, so everytime she washes my hair the shampoo smells delicious and my hair feels amazing. So, I finally gave in and asked about the shampoo.

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