How To Keep Your Teeth White

I haven’t always had straight teeth. In fact, my teeth were jacked up until I was 15. It may come as a surprise but I had braces TWICE. I had spacers in the top and bottom teeth and had to crank them every night. My top teeth ended up with a gap about two centimeters wide and my bottom teeth started to be less crowded. No joke, I had a tooth on the bottom that was turned like 180 degrees. AWFUL. Anyway, so after I took those braces off, I got them again at the age of 17. Yes, my senior year of high school. I have no clue why I did that to myself. It ended up being a good thing because my bite wasn’t aligned and would have caused long term damage. Phew. I say all that to say, that my parents invested a lot of money into my teeth so I take very good care of them and show them off.

I get a lot of compliments and questions about my teeth so this is for you all! So what are my best practices?

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