Tone Up With a Do Anywhere Full Body Workout

It feels like the month of January flew by. By this time of the month, most people start falling off and lose momentum with their goals. I hope you’re staying strong and continuing to take steps forward everyday. I’ve had what feels like a jam packed month. I’ve been trying to balance a full-time job all while creating content and learning more about the digital world. More on this topic later.

To end the month on a good note, I’m sharing a different style of workout. If you missed the other two workouts I shared, feel free to go back and incorporate them this week. You can find the tabata workout here and the abs workout here. This week we have an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible). I honestly do not favor AMRAP workouts but that’s why I do them. You’re not pushing yourself hard enough if you’re comfortable, right? RIGHT! For me it’s more of a control thing where I want to control how quickly I can get through something. With AMRAPs you are locked in to the full time of the workout, so you have to pace yourself accordingly. This one seems easy and you’ll want to move fast but remember to pace yourself. It gets spicy.


As with the other workouts, you don't need very much equipment. You need something sturdy to step on like a box or a bench and a jump rope. I hope this one gets you fired up!

Keep me posted and let me know how you like. I welcome all feedback and will continue to share more. This next month I’m switching up gyms and seeing where the wind takes me. Come hang out with me on instagram to get a peek of all the classes I’ll be trying.