Travel Beauty Essentials

Okay y’all. I am headed across the pond to London! I am mostly excited to sit in coffee shops and pubs. Give me all the carbs, I’m ready!

Anyway, I hate packing and always do a dump into my carry-on. I make sure I have enough clothes for the number of days I’m there and enough panties. Essentials, right? However, there are beauty essentials that I can’t live without when traveling.

Lawd, I’m tan. While I love my tan, I don’t like getting super duper tan. I also love the great outdoors so I need to have my sunblock handy. I’m currently using the Supergoop Everyday Sunscreen and love how quickly it absorbs into the skin. It feels like moisturizer and seeps right in. No grey cast on your skin or oiliness.

The days are long and the nights are wild. Just kidding about wild, but you never know. I tend to look tired in my eye area so I have to have my Nars Radiant Concealer handy. I talk about it here. I tried to find a dupe and wasn’t successful so I’m bringing my brand new tube.

I love to travel with my Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita because it’s so easy and versatile. The pop of color is perfect if I want to be lazy and not put on a lot of makeup. My lips get chapped easily so I need something that’s going to moisturize while staying put throughout the day. I can walk around, eat, and drink and still look put together.

Hair serum
I’m not sure if hair care falls into “beauty” but Skinny Serum stays in my luggage. I have what my boyfriend calls cocker spaniel hair and this stuff works miracles. I never know how my hair is going to react to weather so I keep this handy. It helps with smoothing out frizz, adding shine and speeding up the hair drying process. There are tons of serums that are probably better but for some reason I haven’t switched yet. I love how this serum doesn’t make your hair feel oily and heavy.

I have other things that come with me but I feel like these can’t be substituted in an emergency. What are your can’t travel without products?