Wake up With Ole Henriksen

I feel like my skin care routine can be very basic. Every now and then I’ll stroll the isles of Sephora and literally read all about products. I’m a nerd. I’m convinced that products are great because of the quality ingredients and research that goes into each one. Enter Ole Henriksen Truth Serum and Banana Bright Eye Cream.

Truth Serum

One of my favorite influencers, Desi Perkins first posted about Ole Henriksen so the brand was filed in the back of my mind. Up to this point, I had never used anything with Vitamin C but wanted something that livened my face in the AM and included collagen. This was it. The serum is super light-weight and absorbs into the skin quickly. I’ve noticed that my skin feels hydrated and plump. It’s almost that feeling you get when you drink the proper amount of water. That’s how I feel with this.


Banana Bright Eye Cream

I’m so used to buying more expensive eye cream that I was actually hesitant to buy this eye cream. I asked Instagram if they had used it and plenty of people swore by it so I went for it. It has all the same great properties as the Truth Serum and includes special pigments to help brighten the eye area. It’s been great to wear in the mornings and preps my under eye for smooth makeup application. If you’re looking for something to help brighten, I’d highly recommend. It’s not super hydrating, so if you’re on the drier side, you need something with more umph to it. I love it because it’s not oily and the texture is great.